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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Maria Bernal
Available this week
I love a good mixture between styles, patterns, and materials. My ultimate favorite style is Midcentury Modern.
Emily Lunt
Available this week
While I appreciate all design styles, one of my favorite design aesthetics is the eclectic style. I love being able to bring together pieces from different styles and fuse them to create a cohesive look.
Nancy Schoolmeesters
Available this week
My favorite design style is eclectic. I love to mix color, pattern, texture and styles in a way that still feels cohesive and beautiful! But, a good designer is very versatile and can use the principles of design to create a unique space tailor made for their clients individual aesthetic.
Regina Segura
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is midcentury modern mixed with global textiles. I love mixing sleek lines and organic shapes with colorful textiles that come from all around the world.
Alexandra Schlitt
Available this week
This is a tough question, because I have especially loved to explore and experiment through my designs, professionally. But personally, I love clean and calm surroundings. I gravitate towards warm neutrals, modern minimalism, and texture. Mixing natural elements and textures is one of the ways I bring warmth into a room.
Sara Asadi
Available this week
My design aesthetic is a clean, neutral, cozy and functional space where I can relax and entertain at the same time.
Karla Blas
Available this week
Rich textures, metallics, and shimmer accents of color are my favorite way to give elegance to any room! Glam and eclectic aesthetics are my inclinations, but I also enjoy the beauty of modern with a hint of classic.
Jordi Moreno
Available this week
I love to experiment with different styles and like making the spaces look elegant and unique. My favorite styles are glam, modern, and midcentury modern but I believe that we can create an amazing design out of any other one. I also enjoy adding colors and textures to give the design a special feeling.
Andrea Martinez
Available this week
Midcentury modern & Bohemian
Eleasud Magali Gonzalez
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetics are modern, Scandinavian, and glam styles since I love to use neutral color palettes, adding pops of color, chic highlights, and different textures.
Barbara Lobos
Available this week
My favorite aesthetic design is rustic modern. Modern country design is committed to light and white to create an immaculate scenario that reminds us of Nordic houses. Finding the right color palette and combining it with the warmth of the wood and the natural light of the place will give us a comfortable, simple, and natural space.
Isadora Morandi Cabrera
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is a blend in between the Mid-Century Modern and the Urban Modern. I like refined and natural shapes and patterns and being minimalist and neutral with furniture, fluctuating and playing with colors and vibrancies on elements like pillows, art, objects, and others. For me, an ambiance must look clean, practical, and adaptable.
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